The world’s toughest, brightest, smallest emergency marker light.

GLO-TOOB™ was conceived in 1996 by Dave Kessel and Lewton Levy after a night SCUBA dive in South Africa. Using the existing product of the time - the 'chemical light stick' - they were unhappy with its reliability and it was also proving itself to be an environmental hazard. SCUBA divers require a backup light source underwater with them in case their main dive light fails. Chemical light sticks are the industry standard, but they have many inherent problems. Being disposable, they are an environmental pollutant. Due to their high leakage and failure rates, the product also has a reputation for being unreliable, not bright enough, and of course, not long lasting. They also do not have a switch, and therefore once activated, cannot be deactivated, which offers only a single use capability.There had to be a better idea out there. After playing around with many different concepts for a few years, the GLO-TOOB™ began to take shape.

In early 2002 the finalized GLO-TOOB™ had been patented and was ready for market release.Designed to be used originally for the SCUBA market, the GLO-TOOB™ found a niche in many areas, from EMS services, Fire departments, and safety in an industrial environment and mines, to just about any sporting activity, outdoor, camping, caravanning, and awhole lot more. It has even found its way into the complex battle field of today, and many military scenarios, and operations.

GLO-TOOB™ is an essential piece of safety equipment that you should not be without. Available in various colors, theGLO-TOOB™ allows you to be seen at a distance or provides you with ample light in a confined area.

The GLO-TOOB™ is also built tough – tough enough to be virtually indestructible. In addition to his, the GLO-TOOB™ is waterproof to more than 11,500 feet (with its waterproof caps).This makes the GLO-TOOBtm the ultimate safety marker which can take any punishment handed out to it, and in any environment! Its compact design also allows you to easily carry it in your pocket, on your belt or in the glove compartment.

The GLO-TOOB™ is re-useable, and by simply replacing either the cheap 12v super alkaline battery (type 23A) in the original STD, FX and IR models, or the lithium battery (type CR123) in the Lithium model, you can obtain up to 80 hours or more of useable light depending on the model and mode you select, per battery. The Lithium unit also accepts re-chargeable batteries! (Type CR123 re-chargeable 3v, 3.2v, 3.6v)

While the original unit (STD) offers you a single, constantly on mode at 100% intensity, the FX, IR and Lithium models offer a variety of

modes for your personal selection and use. The FX and IR units offer SEVEN different modes, from constantly on at 100% to various flashing sequences and even an S.O.S. flashing sequence! The Lithium unit offers ELEVEN different modes, adding more variety, and both the Lithium version and the multi-mode original units (FX and IR) have an intelligent chip-on-board technology,allowing the user to ‘save’ their preferred mode. This means the unit always switches on in the mode they have ‘saved’ or prefer, until another preferred mode is selected and saved. This offers the user an immediate mode selection that they prefer, without having to run through all the different modes to find their preferred mode.

So, whether you are looking for a soft night light for your baby, a replacement for a chemical light stick when night diving, or a personal safety marker light to avoid ‘friendly fire’ on the battlefield, the GLO-TOOB™ is for you!